“If you need any encouragement on your career journey, but aren’t sure about making the commitment with Chapter You, consider The benefits of experiencing purpose for just one month.

now, multiply that for a lifetime. it would be well worth the investment.”

- Lisa (Chapter You Alumni)


Now, Is Your Time to Thrive

Chapter You exists in small group environments because we believe we are stronger together. We also believe you can be honest, authentic, and caring and still achieve enormous professional success.

At the end of the 3-month small group coaching program you will have skills that open doors and give you direction for the rest of your life. We’ll walk alongside you through specific stages of discovery, and connect you to a network that cares about you and your success.

This may sound different than other professional coaches who boast their credentials and accolades. And it is.

Your story is just beginning. What will your next chapter be?


What You Can Expect

We will walk you through a personalized journey that results in ultimate clarity. Each week builds, allowing you to have a deeper understanding about yourself and your professional journey.


1. Self Assessment

The Chapter You small group coaching program begins with a detailed look at what makes you, you. We will start by diving into your values, and how you may feel stuck in your career. Then, you’ll take your first look at your vision of success for your life. 

Prior to your first small group session, you’ll receive a package of readings and exercises and have your first 1-on-1 coaching session. That’s when we’ll discuss your story, journey and expectations.


2. Establishing Confidence + Vision Casting

Building on your strengths, skills and passions will be a key to your success. It is common to struggle when identifying these important foundational elements, but we will partner with you to ensure you create clarity and confidence in yourself.

Awareness is key when it comes to your stumbling blocks and barriers. We’ll go there with you, but will move on quickly and build on your strengths.


3. Clarifying Your Success

Who do you want to see when you look in the mirror? When you learn how to appropriately see yourself and your new circumstances in relation to your goals, things start to get real and movement begins.

Dreaming big is a learned skill and it can even be about very small things. That’s exactly what you’ll discover as you get more curious and build on your self-confidence!


4. Relationship Matrix & Network

Maybe one of the opportunities we see most under-utilized today is the value of mentors and sponsors. Who is in your corner? Who needs to be in your network? How can the Chapter You Community help? 

You can’t succeed by yourself. You need people in front of and behind you. 

We’ll show you how to re-frame your thinking about networking to ensure you have the support you need.  And, you’ll crystalize your personal brand and value statement to get those career conversations going strong.


“My Chapter You experience was amazing.

Rich content, personal interactions and authentic feedback provided a framework which helped me identify my dreams and potential, prioritize career next steps and believe in myself. ”

- Kelly (Chapter you Alumni)


5. Career Analysis & Alignment

New ideas pop into your mind every day, but you often miss them, or minimize the potential impact they could have on your future. At Chapter You, we won’t let any idea get past you. With our tools and exercises, you’ll find ways to stay curious, dream big and constantly explore.

Advancement demands lifelong learning, and being curious. Those characteristics are teachable.

Being curious and staying in touch with what motivates you in your career are important elements your coaching small group will explore together.


6. Your Professional Roadmap

Your coaching small group will celebrate BIG as your hard work culminates with your Personal Career Roadmap. 

Your Career Roadmap combines data, assessments, findings from your coaching sessions, a culmination of coaching small group input, notes from videos, readings, and the impact of conversations. It becomes your guide for your future.

You’ll now have the CY Network for support, accountability and even deeper dives into what makes you, you!


Get a Sample of The Chapter You Curriculum & See what your coach may assign to you one week.

Our Coaches Will Lead You to Discover Your Potential


Michelle Taliaferro


“You can be anything you want to be, baby!” – Orvil Taliaferro

These words from Michelle’s father have been her true north throughout her life. Michelle has implemented technology programs that achieved record sales, while also earning the highest level of employee engagement within her teams. How? She focuses on people first, while also delivering superior results.

As a single mom for a number of years, Michelle’s son describes her as “a working mom who always managed to have a life”. It was critical to Michelle to know her values and be present in the areas of that mattered most to her something she loves teaching others to recognize.

Michelle is grateful for a career that has been both personally and financially rewarding – something she knows everyone can experience with the right coaching!




Laynne Holloway


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Laynne built her reputation as an innovative thought leader who often exceeded expectations by first taking care of people. She believes every person has deep significance and potential to make a positive impact. Through her fun-loving spirit and desire to see others succeed, Laynne is adaptable in most any environment and communicates well at all levels. She’s equally comfortable coaching interns, mid-level managers and executives.

She has mentored and sponsored many men and women over the years, and believes in empowering others to be their authentic selves while driving hard for results.


Control Your Destiny

Despite our efforts, the Chapter You coaches haven’t invented a miraculous solution. Instead, we walk through a rigorous process that demands a hard look inward, and leads to discovery of true potential, with extreme clarity. We help ignite our clients to discover meaningful significance in their lives.

We recognized that many women have hit plateaus or lost passion for their careers.  And, they often have limiting beliefs that hold them back. 

Women from all sectors are highly encouraged to invest in themselves, and walk with us through a proven process of self-discovery that will unveil their true calling.

The truth is there is a problem in the marketplace and talented women need to better understand their dreams, their worth, and their potential.

Your coaches and small group will ask you hard questions that don’t necessarily have “right” answers, but will lead you to a better understanding of yourself. For example: “What are the motivations behind your desires? What tensions exist between your life today and the life you want to live? Or, What imagery do you see as you visualize a fulfilled future?”

Our methodology is built to uncover the answers that empower you towards action.

It’s about walking together and starting the process of self-discovery. As we combine your core discoveries with coaching and community, we are confident you will identify your goals and essential next steps.

What Will The Next Chapter of Your Life Be?

We love meeting new women and seeing them realize their dreams.


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