What Does Chapter You Cost?

We offer several levels of coaching packages to ensure everyone can move towards a more fulfilled life.

We believe it is invaluable to invest in your future and to discover the joy of spending your life in a career that leverages your passion and giftedness.

Reach out and let’s discuss the option that may be the best fit for you, and potential financial assistance if necessary, to ensure nothing holds you back from your growth and potential. Our top recommendation for the biggest impact and return is our Intensive Coaching Small Group.


Intensive Coaching Small Group

6 group sessions (9 hours)

3 individual coaching sessions (3 hours)

6 paired partner sessions

professional roadmap

personal value proposition

access to the private CY Network


In addition to our intensive coaching small group, we also offer 1-on-1 coaching hours and will soon release a monthly webinar series.

What Is the Size of a Coaching Small Group?


We maintain small groups no larger than ten (10) to ensure highly-intensive attention and positive group dynamics for all ladies.


How Does Chapter You Place Women in Coaching Small Groups?


We create groups of like-minded women based on their availability and findings from our initial 45-minute coaching call.

Each group has wide diversity of women from different backgrounds, fields, demographics and age.  Everyone invests in each other, creating a close-knit and powerful community.


What Qualifies Chapter You to Provide Professional Coaching?


Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.

Our top qualification is an ongoing commitment to our own learning, embracing change, and sharing our experiences in pushing individuals to move closer toward a career they love.

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Michelle and Laynne are licensed professional coaches, but we believe our personal resume of leading strong, highly productive teams that consistently excelled in Employee Satisfaction scores speaks most highly of our credentials.

We approach every coaching session with a great intention and a passion to probe you to your truth and discovery.

Am I A Good Fit for a Professional Coach?


Anyone who is serious about their career, deserves someone to help them unlock the potential of it.

Coaching, like counseling, may have an initial stigma that by asking for help you are weak, but the contrary is true. It takes someone committed to seeing themselves at their best to seek advice.

A good place to start if you want to be confident about the value and benefits of coaching is to request a free 45-minute coaching call.


What Additional Coaching Options Are There?

  1. Coaching Small Groups

10 women working with our coaches for an immersive program.  Through extensive self-reflection and purposeful planning, you’ll walk away with your Professional Career Roadmap, Personal Value Proposition and access to the amazing CY Network of like-minded women.

2. Individual 1-on-1 Coaching Hours

With your purchase of our 4-hour Coaching Package you’ll pick the dates, times and topics to discuss with your CY Coach. This might be a good option for someone who’s not ready for the 12-week time commitment.

3. CY Monthly Coaching Webinar Series

More information will be coming soon.

What Is The Time Commitment of a Coaching Small Group?


Chapter You leads you on a journey of discovery, and the more you effort you put in, the more you will get in return.

You can expect to invest:

  • 90 minutes every other week to meet with your Coaching Small Group.

  • 3 hours of individual coaching spread over 12 weeks.

  • 2 hours of personal reflection and exercises each week.

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Do You Offer Personal Coaching?


Yes, 1-on-1 coaching is available.

Individual coaching hours can be purchased in four-hour packages to ensure you receive value beyond a one-time moment of advice.

Let’s talk about your situation, your dreams, your strengths, and the roadmap we can create for your career.

Is Chapter You Coaching Available in a Corporate Setting?

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Absolutely. We provide team small group coaching as well as individual coaching in corporate and non-corporate settings.

We will discuss the specifics of your organization in your initial consultation.

Contact Chapter You to discuss your organization’s needs.


Ready to improve your career?