25 Career Tips That Will Benefit Every 25 Year Old


Written By Laynne L. Holloway and Michelle Taliaferro
Chapter You Coaches & Founders

Opening the doors of Chapter You has enabled us to reflect on our corporate careers. We have both experienced so much over the years, and have the desire to share what we’ve learned with others coming behind us. Of course, one of our biggest lessons is to live and learn! Walking the path, making the mistakes, recovering, and moving on is where the education really happened for us. With that in mind, we know it’s impossible to bottle up our life-lessons, so this simple list will suffice for now.

1. Always do your best; every single day.

This is at the top of the list for a reason.  Your best is your best! Enough said.

2. Regardless of your place in the organization, make it your business to understand the business from the customer’s perspective. 

If you approach all your work with this mindset, you will succeed.

3. Serve others and offer to help, even when it’s not your job. 

This is how you will learn and gain exposure.  It will lead you to potential mentors and sponsors.  Its importance cannot be overstated.

4. Show up.  Pay attention.  Play a bigger game.

5. Work smart and plan ahead. 

Define your plan. Start with the most difficult tasks.

6. Every customer is your customer. 

The customer’s experience with your company is paramount.  Customer first – always.

7. Support your 1st team. 

In his book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” Patrick Lencioni describes the 1st team as your peers.  The 1st team has the same boss and, collectively everyone succeeds when the team succeeds. 

Set the example by going above and beyond to support your 1st team.  They will follow your lead.

8. Don’t worry about who gets credit. 

Just do the work, and do it well. If someone else gets the credit, that’s ok.


9. Be confident in your success.

You have earned it. Own it.

10. Being on time means being 10 minutes early

11. If you manage a team, know the work. 

In so doing, you’ll create trust with the people who do the work every day, and your empathy for your team will be genuine.  This is critical for employee engagement and satisfaction.

12. Always say “please” and “thank you.” 

It truly makes a difference.

13. Ask the obvious questions. 

If you don’t know, others don’t either, so boldly ask and press for answers.  You’ll likely be the smartest person in the room!

14. Tell your story. Learn other people’s stories.

15. Know the key metrics for your company. 

Understand the drivers and levers, and understand how your job directly impacts company goals.


16. Be very clear about your individual goals and objectives, and understand how success is measured. 

Even if your boss doesn’t give you metrics, create them for yourself, and ensure all your work supports your goals.  Track regularly.

17. Be intentional about celebrating the success of other people. 

Emails are a great and easy way to share accolades. Be sure to copy the boss and the peers.  It will mean the world!

18. Don’t forget, leaders above you appreciate accolades too. 

You’re never too low in an organization to praise the work of any other person, regardless of level or title.

19. Write succinctly. 

Even in casual emails, choose every word carefully.  This is especially important when communicating to leaders.

20. If you don’t want anyone else to hear it or read it, don’t say it or write it. 

Assume everything you say and write will be repeated and/or shared.

21. When you make a mistake, be willing to admit it and apologize. 

Correct it. Then move on. Don’t let one mistake define you or hold you back.

22. Listen well. 

That means you’re not thinking of your response while the other person is talking.

23. Don’t attend meetings if there are more than 10 participants. 

It’s difficult to make progress when too many people are involved.  Limit the audience to the key players who can drive success.

24. Take your vacation. 

You’ve earned it, and periodically you need to get away to clear your mind.  You won’t be a hero by not taking time off.

25. Have fun at work! 

You spend at least 1/3 of your life working, so have a good time while you’re there!

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