Coaching Small Group (12-Week Curriculum & Coaching)

Coaching Small Group (12-Week Curriculum & Coaching)


This is professional coaching taken to the next level. You will experience:

  • Immersive Self-Reflection Exercises

  • 1-on-1 Professional Coaching

  • Group-Based Coaching Sessions

  • Instrumental Teammate Accountability

Make the decision to discover your strengths, grow your network, and achieve ultimate clarity of your professional potential.

At the end of 3-months, you will have defined a Personal Roadmap to achieve the life you want and put your career on your terms.

There will be three 2019 Coaching Small Groups:

  • March 10 – May 26 (Meeting Sunday Nights)

  • June 6th - August 22nd (Meeting Thursday Nights)

  • September 5th - November 21st (Meeting Thursday Nights)

We believe you are strong. This program and coaching will show you just how strong you are.

Your best chapter awaits.

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If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to find a career that brings out the best in you and that you could actually love, well, Chapter You is the right place with the right people and network to get you there.
— Theresa (Chapter You Alumni)

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